Retro Writing 14 – Traveler at last.

Finally, the time came to test and review one of the devices that made me interested in dedicated writing solutions in the first place - the Freewrite Traveler! A few years ago, the original device made by Astrohaus - the Hemmingwrite (later renamed to Freewrite, Smart Typewriter) piqued my interest. It launched as a Kickstarter project in 2014 and then was developed further into one of the few distraction-free writing modern products you can currently buy. That device looks and feels more like a bulky typewriter that you would like to place on your desk and never move, so I was more interested in their second design - the portable Traveler.

Retro writing 05 – Mobile Gear.

The first retro writing device I bought was the small clamshell PDA made by Casio, called the Cassiopeia A-51. I did it because I read somewhere that Neil Gaiman typed up one of his earlier books on an early portable Atari computer (Atari Portfolio). I wanted to try something similar. Now, even though I already have… Continue reading Retro writing 05 – Mobile Gear.